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Hey. It’s me, Hank’s website. I’ve been digitally summoned to tell you about his music. I also vacuum up the dust bunnies that collect in the corners of this homepage from time to time. You might think it a sad existence but that’s a different discussion. Let’s get to the spiel. 


Hank is a music composer, producer, director, and artist from the Twin Cities. He’s written and performed music of many genres for bands, businesses, churches, podcasts, and sync libraries and he’d like to do some of that with you. He’s got his specialties (see below) but he’s not that picky. 


Wherever you’re at in the creative process, Hank wants to come along side and support you in getting your music to sound how you imagine it should. Contact him and see for yourself. Don’t just take me at my word: I’m merely an anthropomorphized sales pitch.

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